Monday, November 30, 2009

Gobble, Gobble

I am so excited now that thanksgiving is behind us I can look forward to the best holiday ever, Christmas!!
Not that the Thanksgiving season doesn't have its perks. When else can you eat yourself sick and not feel guilty for one bite, or wake up the next day at the crack of dawn just to join a bunch of Lunatics running around the store like mad people! I go for more the enjoyment of seeing how serious people get over the silliest material object than the sales ( not that I didn't snag a few things).

And the best part of the Thanksgiving is the weekend trip up the mountain for a tree. This year we got my Aunt one and my Mom in-laws so we didn't find the perfect tree just yet.

I hope that every one Else's Thanksgiving was as perfect as ours and that you remembered to pause and run through a few things your Thankful for. Some of my Thanks our for my family and especially my own little family and the blessing of good health and happiness we have been blessed with. And most of all for my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ who has been so mindful of us lately!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Go Fetch!

So this may seem like a silly thing to blog about but I found it funny.
Jaymes brother and his family are visiting from Germany and there little girl is 18 days younger than Leta which makes for some fun entertainment. Leta is a bit possessive of her territory and gets aggravated that someone is in it so we have had to break up a few heated moments where Leta would push her and say STOP! or where she would bop her on the head. But for the really funny part Leta and Kaylee where playing one morning and Leta threw one of Shasta's ball and looked at Kaylee and when she didn't retrieve it Leta retrieved it and once again threw it with the same results finally the third attempt she threw it and turned to Kaylee and gently nudged her and said GO!. It cracked me up she has never said that before! She loves playing fetch with Shasta and thought it was rather rude Kaylee wouldn't play as well :)
Everyday she seems to grow up so much. She is constantly learning new words and signs..She can say Moe for More, A Dun for all done, Stop or stop it, No, Go, Dog, Mom, dada, Hey, hi and for signs we have mastered milk/drink, eat, sleep, bath, please, thank you.. I am sure theres more but that's the main ones we say and do so far. This is age is so rewarding which is good considering the work it requires.

Monday, November 16, 2009


A favorite poem of mine has been on my mind allot the past couple of days it reads as follows..

My life is but a weaving
between my God and me
I let him choose the colors
he worketh steadily
ofttimes he worketh
And I within my heart
forget he sees the pattern
while I see only part
the dark threads were as
in the weavers skillful hand
as the threads of gold and
in the pattern he had planned
not till the loom is silent
and shuttles cease to
shall God unroll the canvas
and explain the reason why

Okay so it sounds more doom and gloom than it really is, but I like how it explains we see only part while he sees the pattern and we may not know the reason why. I have been struggling with a few things some I don't feel like announcing to my fellow bloggers but for example is my constant worry of what others think of my parenting and domestic skills. I know I am a dang good mother and I am doing the best I can to teach her the ways of the Gospel and life, but what do others see? Am I the only one who sits in church and worry about what others are thinking as they smile at me? Okay this makes me sound a tad paranoid and a little pathetic :)
I just struggle with self doubt when there is something I am wanting and when I don't receive it I react by thinking what am I doing wrong that disqualifies me to deserve this?
I am not fishing for compliments or a pat on the back rather a listening ear as I vent, I already feel better. Thank Goodness for blogging ;)
Being The time of Thanks I want to close with Thanks to my Heavenly Father who really does know the desires of my heart and knows what is best not only for me, but our little family and I need to learn a little patience in his planning!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

ReAsOns I lOvE mY hUsBanD

So I just got done reading a friends post who made a list of things she loved about her husband. And it got me thinking that I needed to stop and put down a few things I love about my husband. After putting up with me this week he deserves something!

#1. He holds the Priesthood and honors it

#2. No matter what I look like he thinks I am the most beautiful women in the world

#3. When Life gets real messy he will crack a joke to make me laugh and realize life goes on

#4. He is an amazing daddy and would do anything for his little girl.

#5. He has great work ethic and provides great for our little family

#6. No matter who needs help whether it be a neighbor or family he will step up or find someone who is available

#7. He has an endless supply of patience

I could go on and on but for the sake of anyone reading I will end it with he is an amazing man through and through and I am glad we have an eternity to spend together!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Come one Come ALL!

Just an announcement/Reminder Thurs @ 10 am is play date at my house. Everyone is invited if you need anymore info just get back to me.
See you soon

Say cheese!

So we have been trying to get family pictures done for awhile now but due to hunting, weather, illness and work we never got around to it. Finally on Sunday we dashed out and got a few good pictures and despite the fact I had been real sick the week before and Leta teething and needing a nap we still got some I was happy with. Thanks Caitlin you rock!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Queen Bee

I haven't posted just to brag for awhile so beware this is going to be full of how awesome my little one is and how she is such a genius, okay now you have been warned here it is..
Leta has defiantly reached the toddler stage in life and is spending her days contemplating the best ways to outsmart me and have a little fun

She has a new love of babies and will finally play with her doll Grandma Allen got her for her birthday and has me wrap her up so she can rock her and will break into tears of devastation when Shasta snatches her away. Anything mommy and daddy does she mimics, which often makes us laugh. For example the other day when her and daddy where dancing to music I am a nut came on and when he snapped along she squeezed her hand together trying to snap hers and when we sing BINGO she will clap along, it's so fun!
She has learned a love of books from me and enjoys her nightly cuddle and reading time together and I have just recently been finding her in her room with a couple books "reading" to herself or even Shasta, like I was saying about being a genius :)

Now she is a toddler she can do everything herself, at least she thinks so. She has to help pick out her clothes and during bath she needs a little soap to wash her feet and tummy with and she loves to wash her own hair now. If she finds a comb she will brush her hair (which she finally has enough to style a little with!) or toenail clippers she will pretend to cut them and Q-tips she will stick them up her nose ( I use them to pick out boogies) what can I say I am obsessed with keeping her well maintained and she has picked up on it, not a bad habit though, right?

Shasta remains her favorite around here, we have got an indoor kennel for Shasta but she has trouble finding alone time in it. Leta thinks its a playhouse just for her and its not unusual at all to see both chillaxin in it like the queen bees they are.

Some fun things that she has learned is a few new words mostly STOP or NO! She hears me telling Shasta that and will say STOP and pat her hip ( sign language for dog) poor pup just looks at her like what? Or if she catches her on furniture she pulls her off and says NO! She can be a bit bossy at times.
She can sign Milk (for her its also water or drink period) dog, Bath, Sleep and she is learning please now. She didn't like the sign for more or all done I guess because she just says moe for more and a dun for all done. Which between the signs and the few words she has learned we get a better understanding and less tantrums. And if they fail pointing is used and we play the guessing game until we pick the right thing she was pointing at.
Well I suppose I have rambled enough about her now so to close this novel I will post a few cute pics..

Trick or Trick smell my feet! :0

Why so serious?

The Farmers and the Barnyard Animals

The pups in the kennel

A "Tail end"

Such a sweet Puppy

Halloween was allot of fun this year! Leta was really good about wearing her costume and keeping her "ears" on and I loved how well it turned out (My mom and I made it) I didn't see any sense in spending 30 bucks up town when I could make it for cheaper.
We didn't do allot of Trick or Treating just Grandparents and a few friends.
We where also able to go to the ward Halloween party and enjoy good food and games!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Cold, Cold go away come again another day!

Okay first off I hope Everyone gets this and knows not to come to playdate, I am nasty sick and don't want to spread it.
Second as soon as I feel up to it I will catch up on Halloween and the antics of Leta.
Until then I hope everyone is doing well and know that I miss ya and hope to see ya soon.