Friday, October 30, 2009

ThE hUnT!

This kid was born for the outdoors and camping

Taking a bath camp style

Leta and her bestest friend Shasta

The loves of my life!

A good way to keep baby safe when moms hands are busy

She is getting to big for me to backpack!

Our camp cooks

She loves to watch the fire, I think she has a little pyro in her

playing with mom

Trying to walk the pups indoors

Taking a break from playing

Wow I haven't been on in awhile so I guess I better post something.
About the only thing exciting going on around here has been the hunt and even that hasn't been all that exciting due to the fact that we only saw three bucks the entire hunt and was unable to get a shot at a single one :( Not to mention all the elk had disappeared. Despite that it was still a fun week, Jayme took the whole week off and we spent all but one night that week camping! Our new camper made it a whole lot more enjoyable.
Well I will get on Later on post pics for Halloween at least this catches you up a little :)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

LoVEn LiFe

I figured I better get on here now the computar is fixed and give an update on the goings on around here.
Leta has been such a character lately. Overnight she has gone from being my baby girl to a headstrong toddler, I love it most of the time.
Some of her new tricks include rocking out to music I need to post a video of it its hiliraous she doesn't care the music anything from rock to hymns she starts moving her hands up and down and bobbin her head. She Loves to try and walk Shasta and will chase after her with the leash while tapping her hand on her thigh and cooing to her.
This morning she brought me her pj shirt she had been wearing I am still baffled how she got if off she has never tried undressing before!
She also has turned into a bit of a tom boy, loving to get down and wrestle with her daddy and puppy and has taken a liking to trucks and cars. I found one at the thrift store that was small and the top is soft and when pushed it makes driving noises screeches and crashes then later we found one in my moms toy box that was the same except a truck they are now her favorite toys. Watching her makes me wonder, where do kids all learn to make the vroom noise when they push cars around?
Anyway Jayme is getting back into the swing of routes and its getting easier for him though the longer hours and hard work still kick his butt at the end of the day I love him for providing so well for out little family.
Well I guess thats about it for now.. Oh wait, for anyway who doesn't already know my big Sis is expecting her fourth baby due in May, congrats Brown Family!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009


There is one word for our life, BUSY! Between Jaymes long days and everyday chores and bills it has been hectic. Not to mention our double trouble team, Leta and Shasta. They are joined at the hip and perfect partners in crime, I am defintly out numbered! Maybe this will prepare me for more kids to come :)
Just for FYI our computar is having major problems so i might not be blogging as much..Well Good day everyone!