Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Home Sweet Home....

Although it took allot of sweat and elbow grease and creative ingenuity I made it into a home, I am still waiting on top cupboards in kitchen and a shelf above the Washer and Dryer where other wise making due and settling in.
Leta's room...
View from Laundry room half
view from Letas room half
Jayme and I's dresser

Hallway, Thank Goodness for Government rules on housing making it handicap accessible makes for a roomier hallway to store more food..
view into hall from B.R
Various views from the B.R

the potty nook
The shower with the handy folding bench
View from front door
Living room, Kitchen, dining room and Jayme and I's room all in one :)
Standing on one end taking a picture to the other end pretty impressive!
Kitchen side...
View sitting on couch
My one and only prized closet!
Our Master room/bed ;)

A* wedding *and *a*Reuniting..

Jayme's cousin was getting married a hop skip and jump away from my Dad's and I missed my Idaho Parent's terribly so I couldn't resist the invite. Plus I could leave my car there to go back with Jayme to pack and my car would already be half way there for when we headed to ND. So I braved the six hour trip to Idaho alone, not my favorite thing! But Leta was a dream and slept most of the first half where we stopped to fit in a overnight visit with Aunt Moo and get in a Enrichment activity on Coupons :) And the last half we listened to book on tape and ate goodies. The wedding was beautiful and visiting family was even better...
Loving at Aunt Moo's Curious George collection.
Playing at Uncle Donald's before heading out
Catching up with her pal Gypsy
Little Cowgirl

Chilling with Uncle J her buddy
This Little girl was so happy to see her daddy after six weeks apart she just clung to him
The delicous cupcakes from the wedding
Dancing with Daddy
Impromptu family picture

Loving Afar...

This was our first Valentines Day apart, but he was home within a short time after so it wasn't so bad :) He did the right thing by ordering flowers for me, maybe with a small suggestion from me ;) Mom and I celebrated small with a nice dinner and a festive cheesecake, and she got me some beautiful wildflowers things..