Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I couldn't have said it better myself

So you fellow mom's know those days where all you can do is throw your hands in the air and have a good laugh at the situation and sum it up to "I'm a mom that's what I do!". Well Sunday was one of those days. Jayme and I used an awesome gift certificate we had to spend a glorious night out (that's another post) on Sat. which meant we had a late night and we covered my sisters paper route again which meant I was drug out of bed early to help with the route starting at 5 am. And Leta being to much like her dad thought it was time to get up and play and seemed to enjoy "helping" with the route. We where right on time to hurry and finish up and make it home to get ready for church when I heard the sound that stops a mom in her tracks, up chucking from the back, apparently the stop and go and turns was a little to much for her tummy :( Which then meant that by the time we got home and cleaned up and dinner ready in the crock pot we barely caught the end of Sacrament meeting..The rest of the day was just as crammed and busy. Not the norm for us, it's usually a chill day to rest before the week starts. So when I came across the video it really struck home and couldn't stop laughing...hope you all enjoy it as much as I did :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Pinching Pennies...

So I am sad to say that we are like many other families in the country who have been impacted by the economy and it seems like despite the fact that we do everything in our power to stick to a budget that squeaks money runs out before we are ready for it to.
But I find it a thrill to find a good deal and make it better. For example Jayme ran my sisters paper route for her one Sunday and due to some mix ups we ended up with a bunch of extra Sunday papers which means COUPONS GALORE!! And add that to the fact that there was some superb deals this week I was on a major high. Some of my biggest deals where Smiths had Danimals yogurt for a buck eighty eight add that to the fact that I had a dollar of coupon on one Danimals making it only eighty eight cents each!!!! So we scored six of them also Farmers Market has Hamburger Helper ten for ten and I have three coupons that save seventy five cents on three making nine of the ten only seventy five cents! Oh another one Smiths had Charmins twelve big rolls on sale for five ninety nine and I had a dollar of coupon for it, Yay. I love it and case lot sales :)
Just in our Smith's shopping trip we used like six dollars worth of coupons coupled with case lot sales are total went from 99 dollars to 47 dollars.
So now what I want to hear from you guys is what is some ways you found to stretch the buck???
And where do you find good coupons and or deals besides the Sunday Paper??

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Another Dr. visit done with good reports and she is on track for everything and in perfect health. And he was impressed she was potty trained (at least with pee). And not surprisingly she is still a well rounded runt :)

Quack, Baaa, Moo Look Who's Two!

This year her Birthday landed on Monday so we did her party a few days early on Saturday. And despite my stand that I would tame it down and not stress so much over the details this year I went even more extreme! I went with a farm theme with more guests and more detailed cake. And despite the fact everything was going wrong such as the HUGE #2 balloon I ordered got shipped late so we barely received it a day before the party and once filled it got ripped off the string by the wind after we got it home :( the cake was not for amateurs as declared or I just don't have the knack for cake decorating I thought I did, but after a veeery long night I was in love with it! It turned out perfect and Leta was thrilled with the results. All her little friends made it to her party and they enjoyed making pig masks and coloring farm pages. All in all I would do it again, it was a blast to see everyones reactions over the cake and animal cupcakes and Leta was the perfect hostess hugging all her guests as they arrived and left. She was spoiled as usual and got allot of fun stuff. Some funny points of the party was when half way through singing Happy Birthday I realized we forgot the camcorder so we grabbed it and re sang it only to have the battery die so we plugged it and sang for a third and final time, third times a charm right? And when it came time to open presents her little friends in there excitement tended to crowd her so I got the idea to put a masking tape line and warned all who crossed it would not a receive a cupcake (worked like a charm, definitely doing it every year!)
I definitely raised the bar for next years party for it will be hard to top this one!