Thursday, April 12, 2012

April Happenings So Far..

For the sake of time I am lumping everything together so be prepared for overload :)

First up, April Fools! I hate pranks so I went with a faux dinner. Leta didn't seem to notice the candy peas and carrots or pound cake/icing grilled cheese but we got her good with the Jello punch and meatloaf cupcakes! This was allot of fun and something I want to do every year :)

Eating her punch...

Next up FHE....The Monday before Easter we did FHE on the Resurrection and all that means for us and did this awesome activity . It helped her understand more although she now thinks that Jesus melted during Resurrection, hummm we will work on that.
Peeking in her empty roll

Easter Egg dying

In years past we put the egg into a whisk so she could handle it on her own without a mess, but this year she wanted the mess so we did away with the whisk.
our creations

**Story Time**
I LOVE the Williston story hour, Mrs. Andrea is so fun and interactive. They sing and dance, read books and do a craft (Leta's favorite part)
The Thursday before Easter it was about Bunny's. They read some books about Bunny's that where different, went on a mini egg hunt in the Library and sang and danced of course :)

Look an Egg!
Picking out a treat
Grandma Comes for a Visit!!
Leta has been missing her Grandma so bad and was beyond thrilled when she showed up for a Easter visit. She got here Early Sat. Morning and we headed straight to Minot, a 2 hr. drive, for some Easter shopping, Yay!
Stopping for lunch in Tioga, pricey but really good burgers
Daddy's massive hamburger
She is either going to an artist or journalist..she is always carrying a notepad and pen around
Getting her Easter Egg from Grandma Nancy in the mail
Her Easter Basket and ball from the Easter bunny and presents from Grandma

We found a knock off Desert Books ;) in Minot and found some Bible stories for kids

Family pictures
Us girls

Leta in her new Easter Dress
Playing in flour while I cooked

Getting clean LOL

A feast!Eating Easter dinner small house style

This year Easter was a challenge due to a move to a really compact house and very rural area. Which presented numerous challenges. One being we have always had a new Easter dress growing up and it's a tradition I enjoy keeping with Leta. We have a Wal Mart and JC Pennys for kid's clothes and none had what I wanted. Online looking was fruitless and I knew Target had a dress I liked so it was time to head to Minot, the nearest big city :) They had the funnest mall and we spent hours there and got everything we needed and it was great to spend time as a family. I was worried about finding Christ centered present for her Easter basket, but the mall even had a place called Gideon's Trumpet which was a version of our traditional Desert book. We didn't see the Easter Bunny or do a big Egg hunt the only Egg hunt we could find was on Conference Weekend and I chose to put the focus where it needed to be. And I don't think they do Easter Bunny pictures here. So overall it was a great spiritual Easter weekend spent with family!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Are you kidding me?!

So Jayme and I where tired of living 18 hours apart and only seeing each other every six weeks at best, then we got the offer to live in the old work office at his cousins site. I was thrilled, a perfect solution to not live in a camp trailer but not have to wait for the money to buy ourselves a single wide. So I was told a kitchen would be installed and a hot water water heater also put in. When we showed up this is what I found, no hot water no functioning sinks and no kitchen appliances. And although I was expecting dirty I wasn't expecting this dirty. Like mop floors four times including with a large abundance of magic erasers. And don't get me started the walls and everything! So although I am grateful for this humble abode, Wow what an experience this has been :)
View from front door
Living room/Kitchen..
Bathroom-notice the lack of sink :(
Oh there it is!
Leta's room/ Laundry can see where the bed was after we removed it
Line of clean and dirty floor..
All clean, Yay!

Entertaining herself while I made a plan on what to do next LOL