Thursday, February 25, 2010

And She calls me MaMa

With another month down and another negative pregnancy test it got me thinking about being a mother. Does it really matter how many the Lord has saved for us?
Leta is such a joy. Everyday is a struggle for me to keep up to the high expectations I keep for myself. It seems as though the laundry and dishes are never caught up not to mention all the other endless responsibilities that falls under the title of MOM. And yet what other job is there where you get to cheer for this little person who just learned to put there own pants on and to cry with them the next minute for another boo boo they got climbing to high. A job that requires endless Patience and boundless energy. Where every moment is spent in wonder and fascination.

On days that I feel that if I have to wash out another poopy diaper I will scream or clean up yet another mess or rescue her off the top of the bathroom counter I still catch myself loving every moment I have with this amazing, brilliant, hilarious little one I get to call mine ( I am her mom I get bragging rights ;))So whether or not we have one or half a dozen I will go on enjoying all the mess and chaos of being a MOM!
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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Organized Chaos is the best term for bowling with 3 young kids.
Leta had a blast bowling for the first time. She would squeal and clap with each ball she sent down the ramp.
Despite all best attempts I belive the only strike of the night was my 7 yr old niece!
All in all it was great evening and fun to get out.

Friday, February 12, 2010

**My LiTTle SuNShiNe **

I admit that there are times that I let myself get weighed down with the pressures of life and try to carry my trials and worries by myself when really I need to hand it over to the Lord and count my many blessings. For there is plenty to count. Not only do I have an amazing husband and daughter, but we still have employment and though it may be tight bills are still being paid and our bellys are full when we go to bed. And in all honesty who can be down and gloomy when there is this in you home....