Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Family Reunion!

Just few short weeks after we got back from the Utah trip in May we headed to Idaho to the Allen family reunion.  We gave it thought of just canceling the trip, but his brother and his family would be there and it would be the one time this year we could meet together so it was back on the road again! It was totally worth it to see these little minis together...
                                                 3 out of the 4 Grandkids
                                                               The Girls
                                            Jonathon A.K.A Jon Jon

                                                 Getting acquainted with the ponies
                                                    Having fun with Uncle Adam

 These where the funnest wagon rides the kids all loved it!

 And then there was the barrel train ride, Leta very rarely gets a ride on these so when she got unlimited access she couldn't get enough of them.  It was so hot but you can't tell by these faces

                     Even us adults got in on the fun :)

                                                 His brother and his little family

                                         Then it was on to Shoshone Falls, they are so pretty
                                    Girls taking a peek over the edge      
This is what they spent most of the time doing

 Not sure where Jon Jon is but there is Mark who just turned six and Leta and Kaylee both 3 1/2
        The rest of the trip we enjoyed hanging out with Grandma Cindy and Aunt Katie for swimming, movies                       and playing on there mini farm :)
                                                           Isn't he handsome ;)
                             She didn't like the tubes but just bobbed along in the center of us
                                                  Love birds ;) Silly Aunt Katie

                                                     Hiding in the tubes
                                                 Have to get the group shots!

                                                                 Having fun being silly

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Your going to need an umbrella!

These are from back in May/June time!  The spring storms here in ND are like nothing I have seen before it took some getting used to!!  My first week here we had a night of 60 mile an hour gust wind storms.  These shots are from some of our hefty rain showers.  They only last 20 min or so but make it worth there while..

 A nice hail storm that wiped out our first Garden and broke a couple windows on site not to mention all the siding it put holes in :/

 These are hard to see but this is a little river that forms down the road in a storm...

 About covered the dogs dish
A rainbow after every storm :)

 Working to clear a channel to drain out the water A.K.A playing in the mud

Another river shot and Leta's favorite part, puddle splashing!

The "river" draining out by the road