Monday, January 16, 2012

Bottoms Up!

I know this is not sanitary and no I do not condone it on a normal basis but I had to capture it on camera! She loves to help me make and mix the milk, she also loves to drink it as I pour! Haha she laps it like a kitten, smacks her lips and says "Ummm tastes perfect!"

Love her outfit? That's her normal look anymore :)

Uh, Oh MOM!

The other day I was in the office on the computer when I vaguely registered the sound of Leta playing with the broom no big deal as she loves to clean (No surprise there!) It wasn't until she came in with concerned look on her face and refused to make eye contact with me that I knew something was up! I assured her she wouldn't be in trouble and all she would give me was "I tried to clean it up, but its just a mess" by this time I am finally noticing the powder covering the front of her chest and hands and I asked "What mess?!" , "The chocolate milk" she whispered. By this point I am trying to not go full fledged panic on the situation while picturing a gallon of milk on my kitchen floor...instead I found this. Hahaha we keep the carnation breakfast in the little container shown in first picture, it is easier than lugging the container down and Leta can handle it easier. Well I let it get empty so she was "assisting" me by refilling it. Obviously not much made it in and she worked frantically to get it sweeped up, which wasn't working so she resorted to trying to scoop it up with her arms, another she resorted to the last possible solution, report to MOM! She makes me laugh everyday with these little moments.

holding the container she was trying to fill...
What resulted..

Happy to know she is not in trouble :)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Random Fun Shots

Taking a rest at Wal Mart
Watching cartoons with cousin Emma
Princess Woody ;)
Helping to make pancakes on Great Grandmas stool
Shopping with Cousin Chris (he was such a good sport!)
She loves dirty laundry but not getting her picture taken LOL
Taking Scooby for a ride..
Our little Diva..

Moving UP

I can't believe my baby is now a Sunbeam! We prepped her the week or two before explaining what would be different and similar how her friends would be moving up with her (I think only one of the kids she considered her "friend" stayed behind). She went right in and sat down she looked so grown up I was close to tears all morning :) After church she was a chatter box telling us all about her big girl class and how she got a crown...


After Santa came!

The M&Ms from her stocking, she was sooo excited!
Loving on her new Scooby Doo blanket..
Earrings from the Honey..
Munching chocolate and hoarding her new movie..
Checking out Grandmas presents
Not the best picture of either of us, but I was so excited to get a new muffin tin and cupcake holder!
She calls this her hopscotch game, Thanks Aunt Moo she loves it :)
Dumping out her new playfood
Helping Remmy open her new treats
Giving her bike a spin
This was taken as we where leaving for church, she got her dress on and let me do her hair but insisted on wearing her pj pants and lime green boots to church with knee and elbow pads as accessories, there only 3 once why fight it :)
a Ladybug pillow pet from Grandma and Grandpa Allen

Her and Mark in there new hats, sooo cute!
Christmas was great this year! Jayme was able to come home for a few weeks and brought presents from Grandma and Grandpa Cindy and Auntie Moo. We had to wake Leta up so she would have time to unwrap presents before church at 11, she wasn't to sure at first but once she woke up fully she was all excited for it! We opened presents got ready for church ( we only had an hour long for Christmas) then it was home to cook for dinner and get some skyping in with various family members (technology is great!) Then we headed to his folks for more presents, we got some disaster preparedness stuff and Leta got a cute hat seen above, a ladybug pillow pet, a princess set and a new baby doll. Santa brought a bike and scooby movie, and from mom and dad a deli play food set scooby doo w/ blanket, earrings from Dad, Elbow and Knee pads form Grandma Nancy and a toy story book/ play set from Grandma and Grandpa Cindy and so much other stuff she was spoiled with :)

Christmas Eve

Jayme started a tradition last year, where we take Christmas Eve and go out as a family and just enjoy each other. No worries about presents to wrap or buy or any goodies that may need to be delivered just have fun! Last year was tubing in Brian head this year we went out to the Gap and rode the four wheeler and let Remmy run to her hearts content, she was so hot and tired she kept laying in the snow to cool off, Silly girl! I didn't get much pictures and none with me in them, whoops. But it was a blast and can't wait to see what we will do next year :)

That night was the traditional opening of a present (her Christmas Jammies)
After a bath we did her picture in front of the tree :)

to end the day we went and looked at some fun houses that where all decorated up for Christmas , came home set out cookies for Santa and read the night before Christmas and the Story of Christmas out of Luke, Sorry not allot of pictures not sure why...

**Holiday Happenings**

Making cookie dough truffles, a messy affair with a 3 yr old helping!
The Santa we met at her cousins school program, he was so sweet when she saw him in the hall he motioned her over and picked her up and asked if she was a good girl and what she wanted for Christmas and let me take a quick picture!
Her face when Santa first walked in
Cousin Braelynn singing in program
Homemade Gingerbread Men..

Lighting the way

Through out the year our bishopric encouraged everyone to live the Gospel more fully. By doing things such as regular scripture study, family home evening, active church attendance, doing service, attending the Temple..well you get the point we could turn a paper light bulb in to the bishopric and for every light bulb we turned it was one Christmas light bulb we would use to eat Christmas dinner by at the Church Christmas program! I believe our ending total was a whopping 25oo lights! The evening was very spiritual it was well planned and set out. And it was beautifully decorated so Kudos to those involved :) We enjoyed dinner, singing and a beautiful reenactment of our Saviors birth