Tuesday, February 15, 2011

**Valentines Day**

Jayme is always really sweet and romantic doing big and little things to show me he loves me and Valentines Day is no different. This year we chilled at home since we had a lot of time together during the weekend (see previous post). Jayme had school and when he got home he gave Leta a present he bought for her to give to me. A cupcake decorating book, I can't wait to try my skills out with it. They have super cute ideas in them. From him I got an awesome flower plant in the most adorable basket arrangement, now I hope I can keep it alive!
Happy Valentines hon~I love you!!!

My mom sent this adorable outfit for Leta and it matched perfect with the new bows I bought. She didn't keep the pig tails in for long, but they where adorable while they lasted :)
That night my mom called to read her a Valentines book and Leta crawled into her shelf on her bed and listened to the story it was hilarious!

Jam Packed Weekend!!

Bad picture of me, but good one of my hair and makeup :)

Rock on!

Paint actually comes off fairly easy with enough warm water..

Leta in her new swim suit (discount from last year!)

Taking a spin in the Lazy river with daddy..

New swimsuit!!

Childrens paradise :)

We had a whirlwind weekend, and by weekend I am counting from Thursday to Sunday! Jayme has a long weekend normally every other week with a long week in between. This week he was sweet enough to request Friday off since we had our Stake dance that night so his long weekend got even longer, five days !! It was like having a mini vacation :)
We started off our fun Thursday night with a Temple session on Stake Temple day. A group from our Ward was going down for the 8 pm session so we went then. Unknown to us the 2nd Thursday of the months evening session is a Spanish speaking session! Interesting...we followed along with our head sets and found ourselves fussing with them through it all. They where uncomfortable and you could still hear bits and pieces in Spanish around you which made me giggle. Despite it all it was just what we needed, nothing like a spiritual refill :)
Friday after the boys I tend went home we spent the afternoon looking for costumes to fit the theme of the dance "Rocking through the ages" we found Jayme a wig and it sealed the deal we where going to be rockers from the eighties. We won 70's (close enough) couple at the dance and scored a box of chocolates!! The dance was a blast, it was beautifully decorated and had the best array of food and goodies to munch on. Besides dancing we enjoyed playing a little Wii in one of the game rooms, I need one so bad! And to make the night even more special was Leta had her her first night out/sleepover with cousins as well that night!
Next up Saturday, I spent the morning catching up the house and then we cluttered it again by stripping out the office to paint. After an afternoon of painting (it looks so much better!) we took advantage of a free night of swimming and ice cream at the new Aquatic center. One word Awesome!! Swimming has always been a favorite of mine, but cold water and a feisty little girl usually dampen my fun. That's why this was so enjoyable, the water was low enough in the kid section she was free to paddle and play on her own and we both enjoyed the playground and lazy river! And best of all the water and air inside where both comfortabely warm, Yeah!! The two hours we where there flew by. We will be spending a lot of time there, seeing as Jaymes Suu card he bought has an unlimited BOGO free on it and Leta is free until she turns 3 in August.
Sunday was a little more low key. After we attended church we had some friends over for dinner and then tended there baby while they both went to work. After one night with a baby I now realize how out of practice I am with a wee one in the house again!
So there you have it our Jam Packed weekend in a nutshell :)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Decisions, Decisions..

Okay I need every ones input, which picture should I use for the big family shot for the wall??? Your choices are...
Photo A.
Photo B.

Lastly Photo C.
Thanks for the input!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Red balloon Edition..

More fun shots from our family photo session..
I seriously have the most adorable little girl ever :)

These are some of my Favorite "fun" shots!

Monday, February 7, 2011

A picture really is worth a thousand words!

Okay so I will warn you in advance this post contains sappy emotions just to be warned :)
So lately I have been feeling really awed by my little family. As we talk more about fertility and meet more Dr.s the more we understand the miracle of Leta being here and how she is a very special little girl for getting the okay to come and make us parents despite all the odds. And although Jayme and I have had our share of trials and rough patches he is my rock and best friend and I love him more than life itself.
Family pictures are very important for me I spend weeks, months even planning and coordinating all the little details to get what I want. And thanks to Noelle Reynolds I/we pulled it off. When I take a look at these pictures they take my breath away and dare I say even tear up! She couldn't have captured our little family and the love we share any more perfectly if she tried :)
So back to the title of this post and what I am getting at...

I love this one because where all mushed together and Jayme has his arm around me and where both leaning in to Leta..

Both of these speak for themselves, where nuts over this little girl and can't get enough lovin in :)

This is by far my favorite of us two together! It shows how happy we are and the true relationship we share, Jayme always has his arms around me to buffer me from the world..

Okay so if you made it through that without gagging I am proud of you :) But really I love my family they are my world! And Thanks Noelle for helping me to capture that forever :)