Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Movie Theater night...

Another activity to help make life exciting :)  I printed off tickets and bought goodies and we hunkered down in our homemade theater...

FiRsT DaY!

First day of Preschool!!  (We are over looking the fact that she is now almost finished with this school year :P )
Crescent roll cinnamon rolls and strawberries, Yum!

                                               Jumped right into the activities....
                                                            SOOO excited!

Silly Mom got the date wrong so we had to recreate it when she got home with the right date LOL

Her school has 3 classrooms...Yellow, Red and Blue they teach the same things just different ways according to how kids learn the easiest.  If I am thinking correctly Leta is in the textile room, either way she LOVES it and is nervous at the goodbye but I am able to slip out without tears.  And she seems to get along well with Miss Kaleena.

Ahoy Matey!

A fun little treasure hunt! This actually took place in early Sept. when she was uber obsessed with pirates, better late than never I suppose.
After decorating the "chest" and piling in the treasure we stuck pictures around the house and in the truckers lounge that led her to the treasure.  Easy and fun.  She packed the box around forever it seemed.