Friday, November 2, 2012

Getting all growed up!

My baby is not a baby anymore no matter how much I try and pretend she is!  She had her Preschool open house on Aug. 27th.  It took us awhile to find a School that wasn't a daycare setting.  We enrolled her in Little Scholars Preschool, she only goes 2 days a week for 2 hrs.  She she seems to be enjoying it, she hates being in left in the morning but I sneak away and we have yet had tears so far so good :)  Back to the open house we had a parent meeting few day previous to get the run down on things and ask questions then she got to go and meet her teacher and classroom and tour there school.  She was so excited she thought she was starting then so she was a very anxious girl to actually start classes
                                             Her "Mail" Slot
Her blue room

                                               In the yellow room, where they having morning exercises
                                           The popping into reading wall, and her personal popcorn Kernel
                                      For every sheet of paper they fill with books we have read she gets a popcorn sticker on her kernel and a boy and girl from every class gets a trophy for the most stickers.  She is up to 11 I think, we love reading :)

                                                        Playing in her classroom
                                                       By her coat hook
 On her actual birthday I decorated the house up and we blew up balloons covering her room and her in them! We did a family dinner then took cupcakes and ice cream to the truckers lounge and met with our friends and family there (no way where fitting in our place).  I still can't believe she is four!! Thanks for making me a Mama it's even better than I ever imagined, I love you baby girl :)
                                              Making use of her Birthday Decorations mentioned in
                                                      previous post

                                            Covering the birthday girl and her room in ballloons

                                              One excited birthday girl!

                                                  Showing how old she is :p
                                               Her birthday Jig

                                            Her guests enjoying the yummys

                                                   Such a little cutie
Opening more presents..

Frog tails and Birthday Tales!

 They where slimy and fast it was hard to hold them

 Her fun cupcakes and cake...

 Cousins are our first best friends :)
 Her meager decorations

 Blocking the wind to blow out candles

After picking my mom up we just brought her home since Leta's birthday party was that weekend.  We had fun visiting a bunch of parks and catching frogs.  Leta quickly lost interest but some boys at the park where fascinated with them.  For her birthday it was really low key since she hadn't made much friends so we just had family.  I had a bunch of cute decorations planned but the wind was horrible so we barely managed any of it, I was so bummed.  Anyone who knows me knows the effort I put into her parties and this wasn't up to par :( We didn't even do balloons   But in true kid fashion she didn't even care.  All she requested was a Blues Clues Cake and Elephant cupcakes, random I know.  The trunks where supposed to be iced gummy worms which wasn't working so I did them by hand and I wasn't going to even try coating the ears but she was happy so I was :)

Another Road Trip?

 Checking out the art (The one on top with black mat is my Sisters )
These calfs where so cute I couldn't get enough of them

Petting Grandma's horse

Petting the bucket calfs

She had the most beautiful wedding so well decorated, complete with a candy bar!

 The newlyweds
 Wrestling with Grandpa "Cindy"
 Not the best picture but the only one I have of my family this trip
So after two big road trips pretty much back to back we made plans to hunker down and stay put, but apparently that wasn't meant to be.  My mom made a trip to see my sister and her sister and on the way home so she stopped in Idaho to visit my brother where her car decided it was done and broke down for good :(  So Being the good daughter I am ;) I we packed up and headed out, AGAIN! A bonus in this is a cousin of Jayme's was getting married in the area at the same time, Score! (Fun fact on his cousin, his family has 14 children and his wife has 16!!! Talk about a big family) So we hit that as well, plus my Dad and Step Mom always love the extra time with Leta, and we got to go to the fair with Grandma Cindy and had a blast petting the animals and eating Cotton Candy.