Monday, August 23, 2010


So I have been wanting to post this for awhile, but I am not one who typically likes to whine or complain about life. If you find this offensive in anyway then just stop reading because I don't care :)
As some of you know we have been trying unsuccessfully to have a baby for a year now (It took a year with Leta). And finally we resigned ourselves to the fact that something was wrong and took the appropriate steps to find the root problem...I will spare you the test details it's not pretty :) And came to the conclusion that there is indeed something wrong. And we are still working with the doctor to plan whats next to get a baby on the way. It has been really hard at times seeing babies and prego tummies everywhere I go. And Leta growing and becoming more and more independent everyday. But at the same time it has been a blessing, I can't believe I just wrote that! But really Jayme has been such a trooper through all the tests. And putting up with tears that come every month and knows when I need time alone to regroup. And with Leta it makes both of us enjoy every little moment with her since we are lucky to have her, I guess when kids don't come easily you really appreciate the good and bad moments that make you a mommy!
The reason I need to vent is this..frankly I am tired of hearing comments such as just trust in God when he is ready for you to have one you will, It's better to have them further apart or the best one if you weren't so stressed it would happen!!!! These comments aren't helpful or necessary so keep them to yourselves, please!
And to our friends, which really will be the only ones reading this anyway so it truly is just for me to vent...Thank you for making me laugh and supporting us right now I appreciate it more than you know!

Suger and Spice...

Another baby Joins the family!
My Brother Tyrell and his wife Danielle had there little girl on Aug. 9th. They had a bit of a wait to have a baby, but now she is here they are awesome parents. I can't wait to get to Idaho and meet her :)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Tid Bits

So life is hectic and I just don't have energy left to blog, but here is a little overview on our life right now.

So Jayme decided that our lives aren't full enough apparently and decided he wants us to go back to school. Something he is excited about and I am unsure of. If we qualify for Grants or Scholarships he will be going first and then I will go. For me we are thinking a basic bachelors degree a little something to fall back just in case the unthinkable happens to him and Jayme is leaning towards nursing! We will report back when we know more on that.
Another thing that is in the works is we have been under going fertility tests to help determine the cause of our problems in conceiving and hopefully soon we will be able to add another little one to the family, hopefully it won't be much longer!
My mom had a total knee replacement at the first of the month and is doing excellent and really getting around now, just about time to go back in for the other knee :( But she will be so much better off once its all complete and she is up and going again.
Leta has been such a joy. After hearing a tragic story about a little girl who fell in a canal and drowned I have been really clingy to her. And learning to look past the mess she makes and the attitude she has at times and just enjoying the fact I have her to hold. She has grown into such a little girl which isn't making my baby hunger any easier lol. She can count to two, point to all her body parts when asked, dress herself and she can say 60 words plus and closing in on a hundred signs and starting to form simple sentences. And she is such a sweet heart she took really good care of Grandma after surgery helping to steer her walker, getting her pillows and snacks and keeping her company during exercises. And she has turned into quite the little helper for mom doing her own little chores that make her feel so important and big :)
Another big thing this summer is our garden, the last two years I was pregnant then had my hands full with tiny one so this year I let Leta play in the water while I work in the garden so we have had success finally! We have squash coming out of our ears and tomatoes galore and once they turn red we will be canning ALOT! Our beans also took off so we will be trying our hand at canning them as well. And my biggest accomplishment is my watermelon that is growing we only have one good sized one so far but I am happy, our cantaloupe is also coming in good. And for the first time I managed to keep a cucumber plant alive and starting to see them grow as well!
Oh to end my Brother and his wife where able to get past some of there own obstacles and have there first baby! A little girl Tay..See coming post.
Well this is turning into quite the post so to end some fun pictures to enjoy..