Sunday, August 30, 2009

Happy birthday Leta....

What a journey this first year has been!! A year ago I could never imagine that teeny little baby would grow into such a stubborn, silly little girl. She already has a mind of her own and is constantly keeping us running after her.
She has been such a happy, smiley ball of joy, Happy Birthday Leta Bug We Love you bunches...

Our BaBy is ONE!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

All Work~ Little Play

So Jayme has been kicked off the Gravy Train, his term for the easy life of Shuttling, and put back on routes due to the firing of the last route driver in Cedar. Which means he does less of this
and more of this....

My BrOtHerS kEEpeR

Doing the dishes tied to the ball and chain

Eating a slightly burnt marshmallow

Indoor marshmallow roast

After dunking each other the dunking tank

My Brother has moved down from Idaho at least for awhile to sort his life out and get a fresh perspective on things.
We have enjoyed the help around our house as he is slowly winning the battle with our weeds that have seemed to take over this place and for keeping Leta out from under foot so I can get some time to finish my to list of uncompleted projects. Leta loves her Uncle "J" and tags after him endlessly wanting him to play!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

..:Can you read the bottom line?:..

So we had our annual eye doctor appointment, fun stuff. And being Leta was turning one this month the Dr. said it was a good time for her first eye check, not so fun. She did fairly well through the basic eye exam until he had to put eye drops in her eyes that would cause her eyes to dilate and stay dilated. This caused things up close to be blurry causing panic and frustration on her part and so she kept smacking his hand away or snatching what he was holding and throwing it down, she is a bit stubborn!
Good news all around though, her vision for now is okay and Jayme's eyes have evened out and mine hardly changed a lick.
This was the best pic I could get of Leta in her "Sunglasses", she couldn't be in direct sunlight for a couple days after because her eyes where going to stay dilated and wouldn't shrink in the bright light.
When our pretty new glasses get I will post our pics then.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

**We HaVE TaKe oFF**

Jayme put in for a drawing at a flight school. And although he didn't win anything for putting in they gave him a discount on a flight and was allowed to take two guests. He took his dad and I.
Much to Jayme's delight the pilot gave him the opputonity to assist in the pre trip and besides the pilot taking off and landing he was the one to fly the plane!
If we had the means he would be getting his Pilots License now, it's in his blood :)

Jayme is on the Left and our Pilot

Monday, August 10, 2009

*..Fun Shots..*

Okay so I know there is a ton of pics, but with such a cute baby how can I choose one or two :)
These are from our recent trip to Idaho for Aunt Marys funeral. We where able to go to the Pocatello pool, one of my favorites, and lounge in there lazy river. The others where taken at Great Grandmas house in Albion.

Our Water Baby
Daddy, Mommy, Leta and Uncle J

Chillen with Uncle J

Enjoying the Lazy river with dad

One of her fav things is the Water!

Another Favorite is puppies of any kind

Wanting to go for a walk

Leta has many silly faces

Such an inquisitive little girl

She is such a Joy!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Uncle Forrests youngest son Eli and mischief
Uncle Forrests wife Lisa

Four Generations of Allens...Great Grandma Allen, Grandpa Allen, Daddy and Leta

Grandma Allens kids and there spouses
Uncle Nephi-Aunt Barbara, Grandma, Aunt Judy-Uncle George, Uncle Kay(Aunt Marys widower), Uncle Steve-Aunt Marla, Uncle Karl-Aunt Susan, Dwight-Kathy(Dad and Mom), Uncle Forrest (Married to Aunt Lisa)

Grandma Allen and kids in Birth Order
Grandma Allen, Uncle George, Aunt Barbara, Uncle Steve, Uncle Karl, Uncle Forrest and Dad

On July 30Th the Allen Family experienced a great loss with the Passing of Aunt Mary a wonderful Daughter, Wife, Mother, Sister, Aunt and a friend to all.
I was able to meet allot of his family that I haven't before and we got some good shots of the family together.