Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Family Pictures!!

So we finally got around to doing our family pictures ( Thanks Noelle you Rock!!)
And following the laws of the universe Leta who is normally a ham in front of the camera played shy...it didn't help it was on the cold side that morning.

But thanks to the awesome talent of our friend Noelle http://www.studionoelle.com/blogspot/ we got some amazing shots I was happy with.
These are my absolute favorites! There is some special ones I did for my mom for Mothers Day that I will post later :)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Goodies, Goodies and More Goodies!

I found this picture from last Easter, and without purposely planning it I ended up with two pictures full of similarities. In both she is wearing footed pj's and is on the table holding a chocolate covered marshmallow. Its fun to look back and see all that has changed in a year!

Leta was so much fun this year. she absolutely loved dying the eggs and with the wonderful tip I received about putting the egg in a wire whisk she was able to do it on her own.

She was a very good girl so the Easter Bunny came and left her a basket full of goodies and a fun magnetic book. He also left eggs for her to find through out the house. We woke up to her yelling Wow, mom, Mom, MOM! I go in her room

and she is jumping up and down pointing to the

egg on her bookshelf. She spotted it right of the

bat and was thrilled to look for more. I would give her a clue and she would run to it. Then
she spotted her basket, she was so excited with everything .

The day before we headed to the Easter Egg hunt. And after receiving a treat from the Easter Bunny and a windmill toy she was set to leave. We had to explain what else we where waiting for, and surprisingly enough she did good and got some goodies. Then we headed to my Sisters house to dye eggs, it was a blast.
All in all it was a great Easter weekend.
Even though I forgot to do the Twelve days of Easter. Oh well, there is always next year
she is to young to remember anyway :)

*Sorry about the random order it downloaded dumb

Friday, April 2, 2010

Some random pictures from the past month or so......

Taking a ride in style with cousin Sammy
Grandma Cindy and Aunt Katie

Resort back to the post titled "Binks, Bears and Wedding bells" For story behind this one ( Hint..It's the water dog competition)I don't like to post nudie shots on here, but this is to funny! I swore I would never own a scale, but now that I do Leta likes to climb on every night in this same pose clap and get off. Now if only she will remain this positive on her body image :)

Eating mommy's homemade cheesecake with Grandpa

Notice the pigtails!! I love it :)

Oh the good ole' binks..

Trust me its only rootbeer

So this will another overload post, that's what I get for putting it off so long. I can't believe 19 months have flown by since Leta was born. She is such a character these days. We are finally happy about being binks free and nights aren't near the battle they used to be. She is now wanting to tackle potty training, she is a take charge kind of gal. It will be interesting to see how it goes. Tonight was the first serious attempt at it and she made it 2 out of 3 times! If it really is this easy ( which I doubt it is ) this will be a piece of cake. Some of her favorite things these days include animals of any sort ( she can sign most of her favorite ones), reading, water and singing. Something else I am thrilled over is that after realizing one day she didn't understand prayer we began working with her and now she is the one to remind us at meal times to pray! The spirit is so strong with little ones, I am forever thankful for this little spitfire that turned our world upside down.