Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tonight was our Ward Halloween Party and was a blast with game and craft stations and yummy food :)
Leta her cousin and best bud Jac who as you can tell neither wanted to have there pic taken
Craft table
Fish pond
My Smurfette! She was a hit at the party everyone raved over it :)

Her favorite pose LOL
I like this shot of getting her ready...

Beginning of Halloween...

Before Keith and Pam left for there new home in Alaska we did a pumpkin carving party, Leta helped pick the pumpkin and a few seeds out and poke a few holes in the stencil and she was done. That's a 3 yr. old's attention span for you...
Her pumpkin from Grandma Allen's patch
Kaylee and her daddy working on there pumpkin..
Mommy and Leta working on her's
And Tada we have a very scared Scooby Doo!!!

Home away from Home!

A quick picture before Daddy hits the road

Daddy's new home!

It's official not only is the house for sale and Jayme quite Sysco. But now he is now residing in the State of North Dakota! Major changes for the Allen's!
For the couple who swore they wouldn't have a marriage divided by miles and have never spent more than 2 weeks apart in there entire 9 yr relationship, this is going to be tough. And has been tough and it's been a week! But this same said couple also accept the fact that despite all her attempts of being frugal and cheap, the money just can't stretch any further. And Fertility treatments are not cheap!!!!! So they sacrifice now to obtain the future they want :)

Friday, October 14, 2011


My mom found a way to censor cute photos you want to share without compromising modesty, Jayme finds it silly I find it the perfect solution :) What do you all think?

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Missing Bumma

Today is the one year mark of losing our Good friend and surrogate Grandma we affectionately called Bumma...We love and miss you!

Heaven Bound

For Baby Jrayden...
Showing Grandma the balloons..

Going to Jrayden..

Getting ready to send off balloons..

The sweet Lady who did our cousin shoot shown in last post lost a precious little boy to stillbirth last year and in honor of his birthday she asked everyone who wanted to participate to release a balloon for him. We where more than happy to send balloons to her little angel and my grandparents ...

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

More cousins!

Some fun shots from our cousin/ Brown Family photo shoot....Kudos to Jessica Dupass for capturing some great pictures under tense situation ;)
Leta with all her Girl Cousins..
All the Brown Children and Leta (3 Grandsons are missing)
The Oldest Grandchild Sharrisa
Braelynn with Dad
And the youngest new addition Joel

We missed the 3 Ellsworth boys maybe next time :)

The Bestest Playmates

Leta has been having a blast playing with her cousins this past week, they have done crafts, jumped on the tramp, went swimming did family photos and more jumping on the tramp! My BIL has some fun photos of swimming I will post when I get them and of course the family photos to come :)
I love her long hair!
Taking a break for a quick hug :)
Mid air shot!
Dog pile!
Taking turns tackling each other..

Jonathan aka Jon Jon
And Leta Bug

Cousins make the best playmates...

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Just A little pinch!

Is what we told Leta about getting her ears pierced, Jayme has been wanting them done for 3 years now and while at the mall yesterday Jayme decided it was time. I was so nervous about hurting her, especially when they said they couldn't do the second ear if she wasn't calm enough after the first one, YIKES! Now I was worried she would be not only in pain, but not able to have both done. So we calmly explained how it would hurt but not for to long and then she would have pretty's in her ear like me. So she was adamant even proclaiming to the lady "I will be brave, okay!" And brave she was, not a tear whimper nothing but smiles :) That's my girl so here she is with her new pretty's....

Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Temple in the eyes of a 3 yr. Old

I pulled out her blocks today so she could play quietly during conference and my mom gave us the idea to make a temple we had a blast and although Leta wasn't to sure of my choice of a Moroni I thought they worked in a pince :) Here is some of our creations...
Wild child hair

Fun shots of our Little Lady :P

She has turned into such a character lately saying and doing the funniest things and at the most random times. She is just as feisty as ever and keeps me hopping most days and I wouldn't change it for the world!
Playing in the sand with Mommy
headed to park to roller skate

Never get caught unprepared
Super Leta to your rescue!
This is the dress my Grandma made for my sister, to cute!

Leta blinged out