Monday, November 7, 2011


Leta (a mess from shopping and errands galore) with a self applied bandage to her "forehead" she bonked riding her bike hiding in the corner eating a cookie she snuck out of the grocery bags I was putting away.... That's what makes me a Mama!
The Good the Bad the Ups and Downs I wouldn't trade any of it for a minute...

Snow Fun **

Leta battled a high fever from Friday night to Sunday morning and yet this morning we where out in this.....

I think it's safe to say Winter is here!

Surprise Visit

The weekend before Halloween My Aunt Mary Lou showed up for a surprise visit, we always enjoy visits from Aunt Moo..While here we did a lot of playing, Halloween activities, a picnic and a lot of laughing :)

More Halloween Fun!

Hallelujah night Fun..

Trunk or Treating at the Dealerships..

Costume #2 a "Dragon" named Sassy ( our attempt to follow Dragon Tales Cassi which no one makes a costume for)

Story time at the Library with the Cousins..

Halloween was a several day event in which we Did Story Time at the Library, Trunk or Treat at the dealerships, Ward Party (previous post), Hallelujah carnival in town and Finally Trick or Treating itself! I was surprised at how well she just marched up to the door's knocked and said "Trick or Treat" and "Thank You!" and for only doing a loop around two blocks she filled her bucket and wore herself out plenty :)
Sorry for the randomness of the photos I was downloading off 2 different cameras.