Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hopeless blogger!

So I am going to start now like I am not hopelessly behind and if I am up to it I will throw in a random older post to humor myself :) So here it goes for the 2 or 3 that might read this...

How is my Baby 5?! It really is mind blowing.  Poor girls party was on the weak side last year and this year her parents (okay, Mom.) was in crisis mode (more on that to come...maybe) and I barely mustered up the energy to plan a party a mere 24 hrs in advance. Luckily I had all these awesome plans mulling around in my poor stressed mind for weeks so I was able to scrap together a few ideas for a party a 5 yr. old deemed acceptable, not hard though..right ;)

We went with Jake the Neverland Pirates theme..

 One of her favorite presents she was so giddy, this girl and her arts and crafts.

 The runner up on top toy a harmonica...
going through her loot talk about spoiled.

*Sorry about the lack of pictures this is honestly all I took of the whole day :( I really am falling short..

  I feel so privileged to get the chance to raise this amazing little spirit and watch her year by year turn into a beautiful daughter of God and see her little personality emerge more each year and see her grow in her love and understanding  of her Heavenly Father and strive to be just like him. She is my saving grace especially these last few weeks, I am so glad for patience with her Mama's shortcomings.  Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

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