Thursday, September 5, 2013


Jayme is around truckers all day, obviously.  And being they drive all over ND and talk to so many people a day they are often full of fun things to do and see around here.   And being we like to take day trips on his Saturdays off to escape the insanity of life in a midget wide we have a taken a couple of really fun trips.  The most recent, the Enchanted Highway.  I giggled when he was trying to explain to me how you drive down the highway into Regent, ND and see these Ginormous scrap metal sculptures.  But honestly it was really fun and I would recommend it to other family's.  There was 11 altogether and some had interactive stuff to climb and play on and they weren't sectioned off so you could get right up by them and make fool of yourselves like we did :)
This one is the largest scrap metal sculpture in the world landing itself in the Guinness book of world records

Nice try Grandma!

Riding the Grasshoppers 

Getting eaten by a giant grasshopper

"I'm Flying!" Bonus points for knowing what movie where doing a sad job of recreating LOL

Feeding Leta to a fish...

Getting attacked by a baby pheasent

Probably not going to win us any parents of the year awards on this!

Worlds largest Tin family

Most where made out of scrap pipes and tanks from the oil field and the Tin family was Grain and Farm equipment, now that's recycling.  The rest of the photos are on my phone waiting for another day :)

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